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Makeup steps

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Make-up is like a woman's magic weapon, and makeup is a professional knowledge and technology, especially the makeup program can make a female friend look new. In general, the make-up program can be divided into a 10-step process of makeup, eye makeup, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, lower eyeliner, face, blush, lip gloss and makeup. Below, we will introduce you to the specific makeup procedures in detail as follows:
1. Base makeup: The most important makeup is the foundation. When time permits, you can first treat the eyebrows, then apply a moisturizing mask to make the skin more crystal clear, choose the liquid foundation with the same color as the skin tone, and then use the foundation to evenly apply the liquid foundation on the face, swipe back and forth. Avoid leaving the brush marks, just like putting a lot of small "X" on your face. After the foundation brush is used, you can use the sponge block to gently press the whole face. This will help the foundation to distribute more evenly. Make the overall makeup more natural and transparent;
2. Make-up: Why do many women always feel that their makeup is dirty and dirty? The problem is that they don't carefully fix the makeup. Most of the honey powder has a lot of color numbers. The reason why the color separation number is not only for good looks, but for other reasons, such as pink is suitable for pale skin, green is suitable for red blood on the skin, purple It is suitable for the skin to be deeper, while the model is purple. First use a dry powder to stick a proper amount of honey powder and fold it evenly. Use your fingers to remove excess powder and evenly press on the skin. Then use a large makeup brush to remove excess powder. Never forget the corners of the eyes, nose and mouth. These oily areas are flourishing. Good honey powder not only plays the role of a fixed makeup to absorb the shine, but more importantly, plays the role of secondary modification;
 3. Eyeliner: Place the mirror 20cm away from the body, look down at the eye, and gently pull the eyelid up with the ring finger to stick to the root of the eyelashes, drawing from the end of the eye to the corner of the eye. The outer corner of the eye is elongated. Use the eyeliner to brush the eyeliner from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye to make the line clear. Then use the eyeliner to smudge the eyeliner. This step must not be saved. This step can make the eyeliner It looks natural and not too rigid. If you are inside, the corners of your eyes are prone to oil. It is recommended that you use eyeliner. Eyeliner makeup lasts longer than eyeliner or eyeliner, but it is less rigid and easier to smudge than liquid eyeliner, making it easier to control;
 4. Eye shadow: Use a medium-sized eye shadow brush to absorb white highlights, sweeping the entire upper eyelid from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye to emphasize the line structure. Then use a small eye shadow brush on the eyeliner, and repeatedly sweep the brown color several times, but you must control the area of ​​the brown color, and only use a small range, which can make the whole eye look more three-dimensional. When smudged, it is necessary to pay attention to the transition of the level to avoid the dirty feeling caused by uneven application;
 5. Mascara: Usually, the eyelashes of the model are generally thicker. We help her choose a long mascara. Mascara is an extremely important step in adjusting your eyes. If the mascara is very neat, clean, and the eyelash curler is very upright, if it is, the eyes will look much bigger; but it will also help to reduce the fatigue caused by dark circles. The curled eyelashes can make people look even more Spiritual and energetic. In the order of the outermost tip - the middle - the last root, the eyelashes are clipped in a segmented manner, so that the eyelashes of the clip are both natural and curled, and the curl height can reach 80 degrees. Use the ‘Z’ method to brush the eyelashes, but don’t apply too much mascara to prevent the eyelashes from being too heavy to lift;
6. Lower eyeliner: First select the easy-to-paint black eyeliner to outline the end of the eye, so that you can emphasize the strength of the eye. 2/3 of the inner eyelid is up and down the eyeliner, then use a small eye shadow brush to gently smudge; but be careful The depth of the eyeliner, if the control is better, the makeup will be more beautiful; at the end of the eye, you can draw a little more. Finally, a white eye shadow is applied to the inner eyelids and the eye, so that the outline of the eye becomes larger and brighter;
 7. Repairing the face: Apply the dark-based repairing powder or the dark-colored liquid foundation from the back to the front in the triangular area of ​​the ear to the laughing muscles, from the back to the front. Sweep the line of the nose bridge - forehead, chin. Thereby creating a sense of contour visually to enhance the face shape;
 8. Blush: In the entire makeup, eye shadow is the focus of vision. Therefore, blush and lip color should be treated lightly. Models, usually choose pink blush powder, because they are diamond-shaped faces, the blush that helps her brush is round blush, and gradually faint, but this is only suitable for diamond face or cute type;
9. Lip Gloss: Choose a light pink sequined lip gloss to fill it up, and the resulting makeup is very fascinating;
 10. Makeup: After the above procedure is completed, wait a moment to achieve the desired effect of the overall molding. In summary, as long as you master the above ten programs, you can achieve the ideal and beautiful makeup effect. Admittedly, in addition to being suitable for women, these are also suitable for men's special needs of life, people are full of confidence and charm, temperament is extraordinary, giving people a distinctive visual experience.
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